Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kudos for 'Being DX' in December's CQ

Editor, CQ,

Until I read George Tranos, N2GA's, "Contesting" column in December 2012's CQ I had never considered the joy and challenges "being DX" during a contest can be. With the backdrop of the "Azores Nine Island Hunt," he certainly gave me a perspective I'd never considered.

N2GA has inspired me to hunt for a DX location for the next CQ World Wide SSB Contest and try to improve my skills as a DX chaser.

Thank you and 1001001,



  1. I agree with KI6DMB. There is such a wide world of DX, it's sometimes easy to overlook the fundamentals - such as good operating skills. Three cheers for N2GA.

    Vy 73,

    Sparky Fisher, WN1DWL

  2. I'm not sure the concept is realistic. I'm flat broke and the best DX I can ever hope for is the local park. However, I'm glad others can do these things.